James Hogan

Strategic Advisor


Mr. James H. Hogan is a senior executive, investor - one of the leaders of Silicon Valley. His skills were built over 30 years in the semiconductor and EDA (electronic design automation) industries.

Leadership in Building Collaborative Solutions and Industry Standards. Jim’s forte is building collaborative solutions that work both at individual companies and industries-wide. His approach is broadly business-oriented, rather than purely technological. Jim’s business leadership style reflects the depth of his Silicon Valley experience; he and his teams are known for implementing solutions across a broad spectrum of industries – including software, design/manufacturing, equipment making, and services. Mr. Hogan is Chairman of Fabless Semiconductor Association (FSA) Software Committee.


Jim is currently very active with variety of new ventures spanning from the business of new materials through several semiconductors and software to the internet-based start-ups.


Jim’s vision significantly influenced the development of semiconductor industry. As SEMATECH’s assignee from National Semiconductor in the beginning of 1980’s, Jim was one of the leaders of the Systems and Materials Group, which was responsible for the SEMI E-10 Equipment Standard. This work resulted in the design of the Automated Cell (Working Cell), which is now a standard cluster-type interface in the equipment of major vendors such as Applied Materials. Later, he founded and served on the Board of Accellera (the industry’s standards body) and founded the OpenVerilog (1989) and Open AHDL (1989) IEEE Standards. For the last several years, Jim has been passionately involved in establishing the new Design-for-Manufacturing (DFM) industry standard: OpenAccess/Universal Data Model. It is widely expected that the DFM-concept will revitalize and revolutionize the semiconductor industry. Jim’s leadership in establishing a new DFM segment in the semiconductor supply chain has already resulted in more than 10 start-ups, as well as powerful internal initiatives by existing companies like Mentor Graphics, Synopsys, Cadence.


Products & Operational Responsibilities.    Currently Mr. Hogan is independent venture investor and Board Member of several start-ups. Previously he was General Partner at Telos Venture Partners. Jim brought new dynamic into the well-established Silicon Valley fund which was instantly recognized both by the entrepreneurial and VC community - in 2005 Telos was selected among top 10 venture firms for electronics startups (together with KPCB, USVP, Foundation Capital, Sequoia Capital, Fremont Ventures, Greylock, NEA, and Sevin Rosen).


Telos Venture Partners (Palo Alto): “… Adding credibility to that claim is the number of times general partner Jim Hogan's name came up among respondents who respect his experience and acknowledge his aid to small companies. (EETimes, October 2005)”


Jim was Chief Technology Officer and Senior Vice President of Business Development at Cadence, reporting to the President and CEO. Mr. Hogan was a Cadence Executive Fellow and held several positions at Cadence including President of Cadence Japan, Corporate Vice President of Marketing, and Corporate Vice President for Field Operations. He has also worked as Chief Operating Officer of Smart Machines, Inc., a semiconductor equipment automation company. Earlier he worked for National Semiconductor and Philips. At both companies, he established device physics laboratories globally and manufacturing yield improvement programs.


Jim’s established Cadence’s Full Custom Business Unit and spearheading its market solutions ($300M/year revenue). At Cadence, Jim also established the Analog Design product line ($200M/year revenue, 2002 CAGR of over 20% for the last 10 years) and the Place and Route product line ($200M/year revenue). As President of Cadence Japan, Mr.Hogan reenergized the region, built the executive team and worked closely with key customers such as NEC, Toshiba, Hitachi, Fujitsy.


At Cadence, Jim lead the largest at the time M&A deal in the history of EDA: the Cadence acquisition of Cooper and Chyan (CCT) at $450 million. Jim was also part of the National Semiconductor integration team for the acquisition of Fairchild Semiconductor (1987).


Key Investments.    Jim has been doing minority investments for 25 years and has extensive experience in successfully building startup companies. Express Test, where he served as COO, provided 15x multiple return to investors (founded in 1979, acquired in 1981). During his time with National Semiconductor, Jim invested in the small outfits, which became leaders of a new $4B Electronic Design Automation (EDA) industry. Many companies Jim invested in have gone on to become the most successful acquisitions in semiconductor industry, Jim’s personal IRR for some investments reached 335%, multiples - up to 37.5x.


Early Years.    Jim’s interest in process and design automation for integrated circuits grew from his experiences between 1972 and 1982 at his family’s business, which developed semiconductor-packaging equipment. The equipment was sold and supported worldwide and had to be very reliable and automated. The family business allowed Jim, then in his early twenties, to participate in semiconductor manufacturing and to learn tremendously from the intensive industry’s dynamics. Because the personal computer emerged at the same time, Jim had very early access to the development of IC equipment automation and design automation. This lead to positions at Philips and National Semiconductor, where Jim developed and implemented worldwide engineering systems for process creation and control.


Community Service.     Jim is on the Board of Advisors at the School of Engineering, San Jose State University. There he established the Cadence endowment (currently at +$1.5M/year) and developed the Analog Design curriculum. He participated in the development of a nano-fabric and bio-engineering program.


Jim received a Bachelor of Arts and Math degree, Bachelor of Science and Computer Science degrees, and a Master of Business Administration from California State University, San Jose.