Victor Boksha

Executive Chairman


Dr. Boksha has 33+ years of high-tech and business experience starting his career in semiconductor industry.

Victor earned his PhD in Microelectronics (laser microlithography) and MSc in Physics. Since 1993 Victor has worked on silicon Integrated Circuits design and manufacturing; initially at Technology Modeling Associates  (Palo Alto, CA; IPO in 1996), and then with OPC Technology (San Jose, CA, acquired by Mentor Graphics; 300% IRR) as Director of Consulting Services. He holds MSc in Management from MIT Sloan School of Management after completion of the Sloan Fellows Program.

By now Dr. Boksha belongs to the elite group of experts and business leaders in the area of microlithography – technology which is essential for a modern sub-micron and nano-structures definition. Since the beginning of his career, Victor has been blessed with the gift of recognizing and being involved with the best, most advanced and powerful technologies. He repeatedly and consistently has been in the heart of development and successful market deployment of the cutting edge industry tools and methodologies. These technologies blossomed into major industry drivers, products offerings, and solutions.

In 2000 Dr. Boksha assumed the position of Managing Director for Cypress Venture Funds - $100 million investment vehicle of Cypress Semiconductor. He designed critical structures, business processes, and made initial investments for the fund. Victor put together team and led initial due diligence on SunPower – enormously successful and the best investment by Cypress. SunPower went public in November 2005 and its market capitalization (>$11billion, December 2007) was significantly exceeding the capitalization of Cypress Semiconductor itself. Victor left Cypress in September of 2001 to start a new early-stages VC fund.

Since 1998, Victor has been working with the venture capital community worldwide – in the US, Europe, Asia, and also at MIT & Harvard Business School. He has been heavily involved in the cutting edge research on the structure and behavior of complex systems, on motivation, and the management of dynamic environments. Victor was one of the leading organizers of the MIT/Sloan’s Second Annual Venture Capital Conference.

Dr. Boksha co-founded several companies. He incubated new businesses at a world leading software company and also advised on corporate investment philosophy, policies, and best practices. Victor has worked very closely with a leading consultancy in nano-technology space to set up and define their strategy. As Vice President of Business Development, Victor was closely involved in a classic turnaround situation – re-building the business and brand of a leading yield management company – HPL Technologies. One of the companies to which Victor advised and was closely involved from its inception, SVTC (Silicon Valley Technology Center – the first nanotechnology foundry), got acquired by private equity groups for $53 million.

Dr. Boksha is active in the community, locally and world-wide. He has been on several Program Committees of semiconductor industry conferences, is organizer and invited speaker of entrepreneurial and investments events. He was in the founding group and Director of Events for the MIT/Stanford/UCBerkeley Nanotechnology Forum started by the MIT Club of Northern California.

Currently Victor is a Director on six Boards for privately held companies and industry initiatives. They cover the range from sophisticated equipment and semiconductor infrastructure to software businesses.