AI Professor.Family

Your personal friend in education and games


About this project

Meet AI Professor.
How do we help our kids in education?
  • AI Professor is here to help your child to learn – together with state of the art Robotic Platform

  • You may think of the AI-Professor as a 3D-spherical-mobile Super-iPad and a child friend. It already started as a Science Teacher Assistant in Silicon Valley middle school - we have been teaching together modern advanced robotics-AI through biology.

  • Furthermore, the AI-Professor has been conceptualized as a uniquely powerful interface-terminal to the most advanced Artificial Intelligence and SuperComputing engines. In such capacity students were introduced to NeuroSyntek own Biological Neural Networks, Quantum Computing / D-Wave, IBM Watson, and Google DeepMind / AlphaGo.


"Hello World, I'm the AI Professor, your personal robot companion. I can see, hear, move. I'm here to help you and become your friend."


A warm family robot, able to adapt and emotionally attach itself to home environment


AI Professor is uniquely smart, inspiring, interactive, spherical shape mobile robot with attractive facial expressions, vision and voice. Kids connect immediately.


NeuroSyntek unique education solution for kids & parents. And much more!

  • Teacher’s Assistan and Student’s companion

  • Robots in education are wonderful tool that teachers and parents can use. It’s another addition to the classroom - they inspire children and help to develop their creativity, to think about the world in a greater way, and are a fantastic stimulation for kids brain. Robots are the way with the future and will be increasingly used in education as we move forward.

NeuroSyntek Robotics 4-weeks Course held at Los Altos Middle School (Nov, 2016) featuring our Robot / AI Professor / bioBot:

New Tamagotchi Game
  • Turn Virtual Gaming Scene Into Real and Become One of the Participants of the Game

  • Use all 4 sizes of robots to path through all stages of your AI Buddy ages (baby, toddler, teen, adult, oldie) in real life and sizes

  • Grow him, take care and you’ll be able to take part in his own kids nurturing

  • The number of kids is not limited, you may have as many of small size robots as you want to

  • Customize your robot, choose the region or event, get hats and accessories

Technical Specifications
  • Object  Detection & Tracking : ✓

  • Proximity and touch sensor:  ✓

  • Face recognition : ✓

  • Speech recognition: ✓

  • Music, TV, media around recognition : ✓

  • Voice Detection & Recognition: ✓

  • Interaction with connected devices: ✓

  • Real time mapping & localization: ✓

  • Geolocation : ✓

  • Collision & obstacle avoidance: ✓

  • Facial emotions: ✓

  • Feedback: ✓

  • Navigation: ✓

  • Remote control: ✓

  • AI Embedded: ✓

Your Personal Friend and Assistant
  • Your Assistant always knows where your iPhone, remote control or keys are and can tell you or show the way.

  • Voice access to phone/cloud contacts, calendar notifications, e-mail. Creating documents using speech to text functionality

State of the art technical and engineering solution of the self-rolling sphere functionality
Your kids education must be fun for them ... and you!

Risks and challenges

AI Professor has been tested thoroughly in Silicon Valley schools. We’ve just completed with tremendous success the field testing during NeuroSyntek Robotics 4-weeks Course held at Los Altos Middle School (3rd thru 8th grade; October-November, 2016) featuring our Robot. The Los Altos school worked with us for 12 months as we were building the Robot and the program for the Course. Also very successfully, we've tested AI Professor in an Elementary School and in a College.